Cultural Holiday in Bali

You can go to Bali for any reason but the common reasons why people come to Bali are the lovely nature and the magical culture. While enjoying the nature, you can enjoy the culture of Bali that mostly suffused with Hindu religion. As the pocket of Hindu religion in the country, most native Bali is Hindu and you can see various rituals that people of Bali do. The easy example is a daily offering that people made a tiny leaf tray and fill it with various offering items such as glutinous rice, flower, salt, snacks, and more. Even in Bali Villa Rental, you may found the housekeepers made it on their place.
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One notable art of Bali is the sculptures that you can see them in temples, people houses, and many buildings in Bali, including restaurants, commercial buildings, hotels, and Bali Villas. The center of sculpture art is Batu bulan village where many master sculptors are living there. The other master sculptors are spreading out in other villages. Dance and music are other famous arts of Bali. Barong is the popular dance performance that one of the dancers will wear the barong mask, a fearsome lion-like mask. The other popular dance is kecak dance where many dancers circling a spiritual dancer in the center of the circle. The lively music is coming from Balinese gamelan. Besides, enjoying the dance, you can watch shadow puppet (wayangkulit) performance.

Bali has many cultural festivals that you can enjoy while staying there if you come in the right day. Galungan and Kuningan are two festive days that you will see many Balinese wear traditional clothes and go to the temple for ritual. If you come in Nyepi day, you will find the entire island is in absolute silence. Even tourist must understand and help to keep the island quiet. If you Rent Villa in Bali, you had better stay and enjoy your villa to give tolerance for the people.