Suluban or Blue Point Bay Invites Visitors to Surf

Bali is the name of island that will cross people mind when they hear about Indonesia. It is a very well-known tourism object for domestic and foreign tourists in the country. Many great places in the island are more discovered then, inviting higher number of visitors to come. Kuta Beach is one of them. However, Bali still has more hidden objects to treasure.
   22 May 2013, 03:33:18
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Blue Point Bay is probably not as popular as Legian Beach, Sanur Beach and others, but still it offers special characteristic of natural beauty. This place offers romantic situation where newly married couples can enjoy the honeymoon holidays. Bali Luxury Villas is even found easily like Blue Point Bay Villa itself. it is located on the top of Uluwatu cliff, offering the art comfort of ocean view. The great sceneries can be caught from Temples to Racetracks. Blue Point Bay is a good choice of place for surfing. The beach, originally named Suluban Beach, is located under the steeping hills. To reach the coast, everyone can take the advantage of the provided stairs with cafes along the way. The place is called Suluban because there is coral cliff that looks like a tunnel and people have to walk through under it. There is no entrance ticket to the beach. Visitors just have to pay a little for their vehicle at the parking area. The accommodations have supported the tourists well. There are many Bali Villas and hotels to find around the beach. It is also possible to stay for free by building a camp at the coast.

The prices range to Rent Villa in Bali is varied. Therefore, it is recommended to search for as much as information before renting one. Besides cafes, visitors can also eat at restaurants ranging from small to large or directly enjoy the culinary provided at the villa. Suluban or Blue Point Bay is relatively quiet and very suitable to them who want escape from the busy and noisy city. They can do many activities especially surfing.