Explore the Natural Beauty of Peaceful Waterfall

Beaches seem to be favorite areas to spend when visiting Bali. Have you gone to this place? Bali is a very well-known island in Indonesia. It offers many values of natural and cultural tourism spots. Taking one-day trip won't be enough because there are a huge number of good places to visit, especially beaches. But if you want to taste the hospitality of local people more, you can enter their villages, with good guides of course for not letting you get lost.
   23 May 2013, 05:40:49
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Les Waterfall is one of hidden objects in Bali that not everyone may know. It is located in Les Village, 38 kilometers east of Singaraja, North Bali. This 30-meter height waterfall offers the natural views of untouched green hills. You can also stand under the waterfall and enjoy the natural massage. It is what commonly done by people. Although it is visited occasionally by tourists, you can still find some Villas close to this area. To reach the village, you can ride a car. But to see the waterfall, it is recommended to take motorcycle or just a walk. Make sure you go with a local guide because this village has many sacral spots according to the villagers. If you prefer to enjoy the private time, make sure you not come when Galungan, Hindu religious festival, is held.

Les Waterfall tourism object has not developed well although it is quite potential to invite tourists. Fortunately, many Bali Villas where people can enjoy the peaceful stay with the beautiful nature views surrounding are available. It means that you can stay as long as you want. You are able to spend the holidays by exploring the waterfall and do many things there including bathing under the waterfall and enjoying the views by sitting on the rocks. It is also exciting to enjoy the culinary at local restaurants. Importantly, the staying rate to Rent Villa in Bali at this village is quite affordable too.