Peaceful Uug Pasih (Broken Beach)

Do you have a plan to visit Bali? Have you decided which places to visit? This island in Indonesia is well-known for its beaches, not only beautiful but also quite suitable for surfing and diving. It is no wonder then if you see many surfers and divers from around the world challenging themselves to the native waves.
   26 May 2013, 23:07:17
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Kuta, Sanur, Legian and other beaches are always inviting to explore. But if you are looking for quite place, Broken Beach of Uug Pasih is the choice.

You know Nusa Penida? It is the main place the divers will go when they visit Bali. There are many places to explore here and most of them have been so widely known. Pasih Uug or Broken Beach however is almost untouched. You really need to look for Bali Villa Rental immediately in order to spend more times to explore the beach. There is one thing that makes it very unique. It is the big natural pool with a hundred meters of diameter, created because of the broken cliff (land). Other attractions offered are including amazing views of its deep cliff, beautiful sunset and the fortune to see manta rays and turtles swimming in the sea. Unlike in Uluwatu, Uug Pasih is more peaceful. It is quieter with no temple and monkeys living surrounding the beach. It is very ideal spot to spend private and comfortable holidays with no much interruption of noise as it far from residential area. However, you can still find Bali Villas to stay some days and nights.

There are some ways to reach Uug Pasih. If you come from Sanur Beach, you can take a speedboat for 30-45 minutes. Ferry ride is also available from Padang Bay port. Or you just need to hire speedboat from Tanjung Benoa. If you are already in Nusa Penida, you can take motorcycle or car to reach the beach. Do not forget to estimate the booking dates to Rent Villa in Bali in advance.