The Hidden Beauty of Nyang Nyang Beach

When you go to Bali, make sure you not miss to explore its beaches. There are many sandy spots to visit and most of them have been so popular and crowded. If you want something special like to enjoy honeymoon or anniversary holidays, you can go to a quieter place. The good news is that Bali has not uncovered all potential tourism objects.
   27 May 2013, 22:28:36
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There are still many hidden. One of them is Nyang Nyang Beach.

Located in Uluwatu, Nyang Nyang Beach is well-known break and you will need to go down the cliff through the over 500 steps to reach it. It is a quite long trip to take, however the tremendous views the beach offers are worth for the effort. You may have to look for much information about the Bali Villa Rental at this location. There, you may find more cows than people.

The simplest way to stay at night is by setting up a camp. The beach atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. If you want to escape from the boring and busy routines, it is an ideal place to relax. The sand is white and clean. The big waves even challenge professional surfers to play with. It is recommended to take a guide with if you do not want to get lost because the signs to reach Nyang Nyang Beach are limited. You will be helped too in finding Bali Villas surrounding this area. Actually, the beach is more known as culinary tourism destination because there are many restaurants with the beach views bottom. But tourists seem getting more interested to get closer to the coast. When you go down, make sure to bring foods and drink yourself or you will have to back stepping the stairs up to reach the restaurants above you.

Because Nyang Nyang Beach is still not popular, you probably have better deal to Rent Villa in Bali when visiting this place. Take time to do the research or directly contact trusted travel agency to provide you the place to stay.