The Right Way to Keep Spices and Herbs to be Last Longer

Having a very long holiday is something fun and exciting. People are always waiting for that moment, especially for them who do not often get the chances of enjoying fun time with the beloved ones. One of the great ideas for enjoying the long holiday is having a fun vacation at villa. The enjoyable villa at the enjoyable atmosphere will be a great place to enjoy a great time. We can spend it with our beloved ones. We can do a lot of things there, including cooking and enjoy the barbeque time. However, many people have problems while having the cooking times at villa, for example the problems on keeping the herbs and spices to be long lasting and fresh. It is better to know how the right way to keep the herbs and spices long lasting and fresh.
   05 November 2013, 20:29:36
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There are some important things which we need to know to make sure that the herbs and spices that we keep can be long lasting. That is including knowing about the factors which can make the spices and herbs lose its taste and aroma. They are the humidity, heat, and light. So, it is better to keep the herbs and spices at the place which is cold and also dark. Actually, the herb and spice powder can last up to one year, and even the whole spices can be last longer until three and even five years. The right way on keeping them will make them last longer. If we want to grind the spices and herbs by our self, it is better to grind it shortly before we use them. To make them much tastier and have a great aroma, we can grill them first before grinding them.

Another thing we have to notice is not to keep the spices and herbs in the refrigerator. However, we can still keeping them in high quantity and make them long lasting by storing them at the air-tight food container and keeping it at the freezer. For the chilly family, such like chilly, paprika, cayenne, and many more, we can keep them in the refrigerator, but of course, they can still be dried easily if they are kept in refrigerator. Still, there is a solution which we can easily do. That is by covering them using aluminum foil. We can cover all the herbs and spices with the aluminum foil and we can store them in the refrigerator. It will last longer until two weeks. Another thing we have to notice is making sure that the herbs and spices are in a dry condition. Do not use any spoons or cutleries which are wet. Then, do not forget to stick a label of the buying date. So, it will help us to know whether it is still good or not. Then, we do not need to worry if we want to keep the spices and herbs to be fresh when we have a vacation in villa. The herbs and spices can still be fresh and last longer especially when we are in vacation at villa.