How to Clean Up the Slippery Floor of a Villa Kitchen

When holiday is coming, many people often feel happy to face the moment. Of course, it is something exciting since we have free time doing a lot of things such like having fun with family or beloved friends at villa. However, for some people, enjoying vacation at villa can be really tiring and sometimes even we spend the holiday only for cleaning up the villa. It is something annoying because we need to deal with the cleaning activities, especially cleaning up the kitchen which can be really spending time and energy so much. However, that is an important thing since we process the foods and beverages there, so the villa kitchen also needs to be clean enough. The clean villa kitchen will also give us comfort too. We will enjoy our time on cooking good food there.
   17 November 2013, 22:13:30
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There are so many problems that might happen when we  are having a great holiday at villa. Sometimes, the dirty kitchen can make us  feel bored and also annoyed. It also often happens to the kitchen floor. The  floor of the villa kitchen also needs to be clean, so that we will feel  comfort. When we cook there, the floor can be really dirty, especially when we  cook some foods or beverages using coconut milk, or even cooking oil. It will  make the kitchen, especially the wall and also the floor really dirty and also  slippery. It is difficult to be cleaned even though we have tried cleaning it  repeatedly. Actually, we only need a good way to clean it. It is not hard and  we do not need something expensive and hard to find for cleaning it.

We only  need to prepare some water and also lemon. The lemon needs to be squeezed and  blend the water of the lemon with the water. A cup of water with lemon water  can be used for 1m² of the villa kitchen floor. Splash the mixture to the floor  and then rub it using the wet cloth. Then, we can mop the floor as usual with  cloth and water. For better result, perhaps, we can use warm water to rub the floor.  It will be completely effective to remove the dirt and also the grease. It will  give a better result for removing the grease and make the floor to be shiny and  clean. The floor also would not slippery anymore.

For the last part on cleaning up the floor, we only  need to mop it as like we mop it in regular way. We will only need to use  water, cloth, and also floor soap. Briefly, to remove the grease of the villa  kitchen, we need to splash the mixture of water and lemon water, rub it with  wet cloth which is better if we use the warm wet cloth, and mop it as usual. It  is so simple and effortless. We do not need so much time and energy to do that.  The things to clean it up are also easy to be prepared and find. So, cooking  anything at our villa kitchen would not be a big deal anymore.