Come By at Joger Bali Outlets for Shopping Unique Stuff

So, are you going to visit Bali? It seems that you are ready to head to the paradise. Beaches with gorgeous views are waiting to explore. It does not matter if your budget is tight or not, Bali is just right on your mind. If you love surfing, you should accept the challenges of local beaches’ wave. It is the common idea why many people from all over the world deciding to spend their holiday in this island. The tropical sunshine may also become special attraction. Lay your body down on the sand and get your skin tanned.
   13 April 2014, 08:10:47
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Are you just going to share great experiences when going back to your home? Do not your friends expect more than just stories and photos? You need to bring special souvenirs for them. Make yourself useful by sparing some time to shop around. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, never miss to visit Joger Bali when visiting the Island of Gods. You may have heard a lot about the beautiful beaches and fantastic waves. Or it has been your main purpose to learn Balinese culture. But when it is about looking for souvenirs, Joger Bali is one-stop-spot to shop.

Joger is owned by Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi. He opened this outlet after getting US $20,000 of business capital as wedding present from his good friend, Gerard, in 1981. That is why the name of the outlet is Joger, taken from the name of Joseph and Gerard. First opened in Sulawesi Street No. 37 Denpasar, the outlet was then moved to Jalan Raya Kuta, next to Supernova on July 7th 1987.

Joger represents the creative art and uniqueness of Bali. In the outlet itself, you can find many cool and artistic stuff including souvenirs and personal items. Mugs special room, key chains, T-shirts, sandals, inverted clocks and handbags are just some of the examples. Once you enter the outlet, you will get sticker as a token entry. This place is usually crowded within the peak seasons. Each space where unique stuff is displayed will be full of visitors. If you do not want to run out sizes, visit Bali during off season. What makes this outlet so special is not the complete range of artistic items to offer. Joger Bali is also known for their interesting and unique sentences making. They are written on shirts and bags. If you have ever visited Yogyakarta, so it will be more like Dagadu. The words are funny and unique.  So, do not forget to come by and get some stuff for your beloved friends. It does not matter if it is just some pairs of sandal or some pieces of T-shirt. You just need to make sure that they have the original Joger words printed on.