The Best Diving Spots in Bali

Bali is definitely a paradise on earth. There are so many beautiful things and places in this exotic island. Bali is not only about beautiful white beaches, traditional dances and culture festive.
   15 April 2014, 03:49:56
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In this island, people can find plenty beautiful diving spots, perfect for all scuba lovers from all around the world. Here are some of the finest diving spots in Bali that definitely people must try:

  • Sanur beach. Sanur beach is famous for its white sand that spread all along the coast line, but this is not the only good thing that this place has to offer. People can slip beneath the water in this beach and take a look on any kind of underwater animals that darts off in the distance.
  • Tulamben. This is one of the most popular dive spot in the island. This place has great coral diversity with very slight current. Scuba divers can see the USAT Liberty ship wreck and take some great picture
  • Nusa Penida, Lembongan. It could be quite tricky to dive in this spot due the cold water and unpredictable current in this place. Other than that, it offer quite a spectacular view with plenty variety of soft corals and hand corals. With thick mangroves near the beach, this area also offers diver the view of rainbow fish that gather around in circle.
  • Menjangan Island, North West Bali. For crowded marine life, this is the best spot to dive. It offer so many great things from clear crystal water, beautiful coral garden and of course beautiful reef wall. Among other dive spot in Bali, this place considered as the best one that no diver should ever miss. One more thing, reef shark is pretty common sea animal that appear in this place and it will only add the excitement of diving in this area.
  • Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and Gili Likuan. These are three islands located in front of Candidasa. These spots also offer great diving experience with many variety of fish life. Not only small fish that the diver can see in this place but also larger one including reef sharks that make its appearance quite often. The most famous fish that can be found in this spot is Titan Triggerfish, Stingray and of course Reef sharks. Since the temperature in this spot is usually low, any diver should use thick (at least 3 mm) wet suit for diving in this place, but it’s worth all the effort.
  • Amed. This diving spot also offer plenty variety of fish life and also coral type. With clear visibility and of course all those fish that swarming around, this is also one of the best place to get perfect underwater picture.