Useful Tips for Bali Traveller

So, you plan to go to Bali Island for your next holiday? Is this your first time to go there? If it is, then you should take a look at some tips that we have in here. Bali is an exotic island in Indonesia and thousands of tourist and visitors from all around the world come to this island every year.
   16 April 2014, 03:27:52
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For those who come here for the first time (particularly those who come from other country), there are lots of new thing that they need to adapt and get used to in order to enjoy their vacation time better, and so does you.

Now, let’s get to some useful tips that you are going to need while you spend your time in this gorgeous island:

  • It is safe enough to travel in this Island. But as a simple precaution for those who stay over in a hotel or a resort, it will better to rent a safety deposit box (which most accommodations in Bali have) to keep the most valuable things.
  • Bargain please. If you decide to buy something from the market or the gift shop, you need to bargain with the shop owner. Bargaining is a custom or a habit in most small market and small shop in this island as well as in other places in Indonesia
  • Choose your accommodation wisely. It is true that there are so many accommodation places all around Bali. You can find all kind of accommodation from the very basic accommodation, five start hotel, resort and villa. For any of you who travelling as a group, you may want to consider a villa because it offer better privacy, freedom and it can be cost effective
  • Time to travel. May to September is dry season while October to April is rainy season. Choose wisely the best time to travel or you will end up having to stay all day long inside your room because the rain is keep going. You also need to pack the right clothing because it can be pretty hot in dry season hence this island is located in tropical country. Make sure to bring your own sunscreen especially if you plan to go to a beach or travel around in the middle of the day
  • Transportation. You need to prepare specifically for the means of transportation in this island since it has no public transportation. You can take a cab or for more flexible option, you can book a car along with its driver that ready to drive you anywhere you want to go.
  • Just ignore the inevitable hassle from those who try to sell you anything while you were walking down the streets in Bali. Simply ignore them and say “No” if you don’t want to buy anything from them. It will make your life easier