Enjoy Horse Riding at Yeh Gangga Beach

Are you looking for a chance to take a flight to Bali? Is it a vacation plan? This island is the top destination for both domestic and foreign tourists in Indonesia. Once you think about this archipelago country, you will find Bali island name crossing on mind. Yes, many tourists have this beautiful spot as their first destination.
   17 April 2014, 06:07:02
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Just make sure you have perfectly set plan. Visiting a place for the first time can waste your money, unless you have been ready with the ideas what to do at the chosen holiday destination.

Beaches sightseeing is a must reason that every tourist has when planning to visit Bali. Yes, this small island offers the unlimited satisfaction to beach lovers. Surfing, diving and sunbathing are common and favorite activities. But you can find something more at Yeh Gangga beach. Well, it is not the famous river in India. It is an endlessly sparkling beach in Bali. Located close to Tanah Lot temple, west off it, Yeh Gangga is considered as one of the most sacred spot. People around usually cast of the ashes of recently cremated into the ocean at this beach. You can even find daily ceremonies are held which become interesting cultural attractions for tourists. They usually last for an hour or so.

Yeh Gangga is not as crowded as other beaches like Seminyak, Kuta and Legian. It is almost quiet, so perfect for peace seekers. You can even just sit and enjoy the breathtaking view like if you are the only visitor of the beach. It is the best spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset with no much annoying distractions. Do you want a little more fun? Get the helmet on and begin the trip on the beach, exploring its magic spot by ATV. Along the way heading to the seashore from the village, your sight will be entertained with the amazing wildlife. You won’t meet tiger or lion. You are just going to see beautiful ducks, running and jumping in the rice fields. Can you ride a horse? You can get off of the ATV and move to the provided horse at the stable. It is true. Horse riding is one of the activities you are able to experience at Yeh Gangga. You can ride the tame horse to enjoy the tropical atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings. The horses have been trained and are in healthy condition, assuring you for the comfort riding with or without the experience trainer.

If you are looking for a peace when visiting Bali, Yeh Gangga is waiting to be explored. The nearest major town is Tabanan, about 10kms away, where you can find public facilities like ATMs, police stations, hospitals and internet.