Tips for Low Cost Vacation in Bali

Bali is a paradise for surfers. Yes, it is the right spot where you can enjoy surfing sport like other tourist in the tropical country of Indonesia. This island is famous for the beautiful beaches. It is the best destination for cultural tourism. If you have time to interact with Balinese people, you are able to learn their high value wisdoms.
   18 April 2014, 05:10:50
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There are also over 10,000 temples spreading around the island, inviting you with the sacred atmosphere where you have to show your respect. Do not forget the shopping spots. You need to bring gifts back home, right?

Visiting Bali for the first time can make you blind. You will really love this island and may want to spend more days or take a chance for another visit soon. That is why favorite beaches are crowded. You must want to be a part of the loyal visitors. But, you will always need to control yourself. You do not want to break the bank just to spend time on spectacular Bali vacation, right? You need plan to be able to save your money when you are in the paradise that teases you to waste as much as funds you have. Here are some tips to save your account:

  • Join tour package
    You do not want to get lost and make this vacation costly. Instead of waste the time wandering around when you are in Bali, it is better to buy a travel package with the fixed destinations to visit. You can find great deals to on the net which combines the accommodation and transportation expenses.
  • Stay away from major tourist cities
    If you do not buy travel package, you can set your own plan by making reservations at hotel at small resorts like Sanur, Lovina and Candidasa. The total staying cost will be much more affordable. Make friends with the local people can save your pocket money too. You must be lucky to receive dinner invitation from friendly Balinese.
  • Off Season is the most recommended time
    The peak season in Bali is during July and August. You may need to find out the holidays in Indonesia, as this paradise island will be the most visited destination when domestic tourists get their days off. You should come on off season where crowd is rare to find. The tour cost can be much cheaper too. The quiet atmosphere is much suitable to enjoy the romantic vacation with loved one.

Are you thinking to stay in a hotel? Why do not you just book a villa? If you come with family, warm villa with complete facilities inside lets you stay like if it is at home. There are many villas too offered for short-term vacation in Bali, so you have chance to compare and find the most affordable one.