Bali Local Food

What good would it be to come to a new city or a new country without trying its local food? Every tourist who spends their time in a new place should allocate specific time to try out every single local food that is available in the area.
   19 April 2014, 04:07:59
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Every region in this planet has their own specific local food that is so different from other region. The same thing can be found here in Bali. Anyone, whether they are local or international tourist, should try some of the best local food that only can be found in Bali.

Want to know what local food that can be found in Bali? Here are some of them:

  • Roasted pig. What makes this kind of food different from other roasted pig in other country is about the spice. Before it roasted, the pig was submerged into a blend of different kind spice for a couple of hour and it makes it very tasty.
  • Godoh gedang. Godoh gedang is some kind of snack made of fried banana completed with palm sugar and grated coconut that give the sweet and fresh taste.
  • Bubuh injin. Bubuh injin is a black rice porridge with coconut milk  that serve perfectly well as a desert
  • Ayam betutu. This is a must try local food. Ayam betutu or betutu chicken is a very popular local food in Bali. It was made from chicken and roasted with all kind of spice. This food usually made for a religious ceremony or traditional ceremony, but right now almost every restaurant in Bali offers Ayam Betutu as one of their main menu.
  • Jaja Bali. This is some kind of cookies or snack with sweet taste. People can find this traditional cookie in traditional market in Bali
  • Serombotan. It is the traditional or the local version of what some people called salad. It was made from different kind of vegetables such as paku, toge (sprouted mung beans) and cabbage. Serombotan served with specific sausage called Kalas, fried peanut and its using ubi jalar instead of rice.

Those are only small example of local food that every visitor that comes to Bali must try. There are more of Bali’s local foods that can be found in this beautiful island. Most of those foods are already available in local restaurant. But some of them maybe a little hard to get and people must try to look for it in traditional market. Trying the local food is an aspect that people should never forget whenever they come to a new place. It will be fun to try for something new and all those foods will make people visit to Bali as a very memorable and unforgettable experience that surely will make people want to come back again and again.