Choosing the Best Accommodation in Bali

Accommodation is one important aspect that people should prepare way back before they travel to Bali.
   20 April 2014, 04:57:55
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As an island that receive thousands of tourist visitation from all around the world every year, there are so many accommodations options that people can choose. But, the type of accommodation that suit people need (and budget) may vary between one people to another.

Here we have accommodation options that are available in Bali and people can choose the right one based on what they really need:

  • Hotel. This is the most popular option not only in Bali but basically anywhere all around the world. There are various hotel options in Bali, from five star hotel to the most simple and small hotel that provide only basic necessities to their guest.
  • Condotel. This is another version of hotel that usually has less room
  • Guest house. Guest house is a house that people can rent for specific amount of time from one day to one full month.  This kind of accommodation place will be perfect for those who travel as a group or with the whole family member. It gives them the feel just like home not to mention that it usually located in the middle of local village
  • Local people house. This is another option that people can choose. What they do is actually staying over in a room in local people house. This is also popular options for those who want to enjoy the feel of being a local people
  • Villa. For those who enjoy their privacy, looking for secluded place to stay and of course complete with more than just basic necessities, then a villa will suit them well. A villa is a more modern version of guest house. It usually builds of specific spot that offer wonderful view to the guest. A villa also has luxury options such as swimming pool, hot shower and many more. It is also a perfect place for those who travel as a group because they can stay with the whole people all the time. It also considered cheaper than have to stay in several hotel room.

There you have several options of accommodation or place to stay in Bali. Of course you should choose the right location. Remember that is a pretty big island and you can choose to stay in any area you want such as Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, Lovina, Nusa Dua and other places as well. Choose carefully based on your need and of course your budget. If you want to have comfortable and luxury place to sleep then a villa could be your choice but if you want to enjoy all your day travelling around the island, then a simple small hotel will serve just fine.