Why Renting Villa when Staying in Bali

So, do you have made decision to go to Bali on your next holiday vacation? It is not going to be one night visit, right? If you are in a rush, you should stay home. You need time at least several days to explore the beauty of the island of Gods.
   23 April 2014, 03:00:34
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There are so many places to visit and attractions to enjoy. You really need to prepare yourself for this ultimate fun when leaving the busy routines at home. Are you going to go with your family? It may consist of three or more people. It must be an unwise idea to book two hotel rooms, at least, for a week. 

With the fame earned by this island, making a reservation in a hotel will cost expensive. It is going to be different if you directly choose a villa as the best accommodation to stay when you are in Bali. There are many options and you will find out renting one is cheaper than booking hotel rooms. You also need to see more positive sides of this decision that include:

  • Character
    Hotels in Bali can range from one to five stars. However, they just look like the same. It is not so with villas the owners usually hire professional designers to get their commercial residents look perfectly unique compared to the others. It is also often to see the villa architecture is matched with the surrounding environment like beach, jungle or river gorge. The stunning furniture and decoration will create a unique ambience.
  • Personalized service
    The small number of staff in the villa should change your mind to get professional services. They are trained to provide five-star assistances and able to arrange a range of activities for each guest.
  • Space and privacy
    All of facilities out of your room in the hotel are for public use. It means that you will share them to other guests. Not so in the villa. You can use the provided facilities alone like if it is in your own home.
  • Extras
    Renting a villa lets you welcome special guest s for a private party. You will also find some extras like full packed media rooms, private spa, wellness treatments, walk-in dressing rooms and many more.
  • Cost
    With the number of things that a villa can offer, you may wonder if it will cost much. You may think so at first, but you need to have wider view for the long run benefits. When looking for the information of available villas to rent online, you can talk to the owners or companies to ask for what is included in the booking rate. Take time to browse the deals before you leave your home.