Tipping Tips when You are in Bali

Do you know what makes a vacation cost more than it should be? You have arranged a set of budget before leaving, but then you realize how much funds you have spent in the middle of the holiday time.
   24 April 2014, 01:32:04
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Well, it is because of the money tip giving. It would be so rude when you just ignore a waiter that serves you with much sincere. You catch the positive impression from this person but you do not do anything to show it for the satisfactory service. Well, you should not blame him when he calls you as a stingy person.

Giving money tip has been a part of journey when you are having a vacation. It can show your gratitude to the given service. On the other hand, the waiter, bellboy or any servant that receives the money will also feel happy. But, it is important to understand the money tip giving ethics. You can’t give the money arrogantly and offend the receivers. Here are some useful tips when you want to give money as tip to the person who has served you with the prime service:

  • Determine the sum of tip
    There is no doubt that a waiter, driver or bellboy expects for a big amount of money tip from the guests. Though you can’t directly give the same number, you should adjust it with the type of given service. A proper light work is worth at least for Rp 5,000 of money tip. It is almost the same with $0,5. If you have a driver to take you for a long trip, it is usually fine to give money tip totaling Rp 20,000 to Rp 50,000.
  • Consider the situation
    Giving some money as tip has been a common way to show gratitude. However, it should not be done in public. If you can’t avoid doing so, you are able to give the tip while shaking the hands. The waiters or servants will see you in good impression in their mind.
  • Use the change as tip
    You may have no much cash left to give the money tip. Alternatively, you can just leave the change when paying the bill. Take for example when you eat at a restaurant. The waiter will bring you the bill and you can pay with extra money without asking the change or you tell him that he just should take the returns.

Well, with the number of amenities and facilities you are going to use when spending time in Bali, you should prepare extra money for tipping. It is probably not a common tradition in this well-known island of Gods, but it is worth to show a sign of gratitude. Make sure to thank and keep smiling.