Must Visited Places in Bali

Have your holiday time in Bali will be the greatest ever. Bali is famous with the beautiful scenery, especially for the beaches and the deepest culture that we can feel along the journey in Bali.
   25 April 2014, 02:51:17
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Bali is full of secret and traditional culture that will make everyone who comes there feel so homey. Very strong value will make every people who visit this place feel the different. Here, we will have some recommended place to visit when we are there as a tourist. Do not forget to try the delicious food made by the traditional people in Bali.

If you love water and beach then you should visit the Kuta beach. Here, you can have your sunbathing and enjoy the coconut water. You can have your surfing time. For you who want to have underwater experiences then you can visit the beach that takes place in Pulau Menjangan. Here, you will find very beautiful underwater scenery. You can diving, snorkeling and feel the different taste when playing with many fishes. The other beach you should visit too is the Lovina beach. Lovina beach is with the dolphin. We can play with them there. We can book for the traditional boat from the local people. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture every single good moment. The other place that you should visit in Bali is Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is rich in religious and culture value. You can see the high temple that has very good legend. If you lucky enough then you will see the big snake there. For you who love to see the green and fresh air then come to Ubud. Ubud is the center of the art and the culture in Bali. People usually called Bali with Pulau Dewata. In this Ubud village, you can do the traditional activity like ride a bicycle, enjoy the rafting experiences, visit the Ubud traditional market and buy some handkerchief. After spending your day time in those places, you can eat your dinner in Jimbaran. Jimbaran is famous with the delicious seafood near the Jimbaran beach. You can see some attraction there.

For the other traditional food from Bali that you should try is Ayam Betutu and the traditional beer that people called with arak Bali. Try them and you will fall in love to come to Bali in another time. If you want to buy the surfing equipment then comes to legian. The other shopping place you should visit is Joger. In this place you can buy any unique shirt, glass, mug, plate and other thing that only available in Bali. Joger has the unique words in every product it has. Buy it for your beloved one.