Enjoy your Vacation in Bali with these Tips

If Bali is in your next list of “Places to Go in Indonesia” then you should gather more information about this beautiful island to make your vacation time more enjoyable.
   28 April 2014, 02:16:40
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With hundreds and even thousands of tourists that come to this island every year, it will be easy enough to find the kind of information that you need. But in the other hand, unlimited source of information can be overwhelmed you as well.

Here we have compiled several tips that you must know to make the most of your time in Bali.

  • Stay healthy to make your vacation more enjoyable by drink a lot of water. Don’t drink tap water because it can lead you to stomach ache that called Bali Belly. Fill up your body from bottled water or from trusted water source. Don’t forget to drink more than you usually do, because Bali is located in tropical country and it could be very hot during the day. You also need to consume lots of rainbow color fruit to boost up your immune system
  • Swim only on the designated swimming area on the beach. If you see red flag on a beach you come to, stay away from there because on those areas, the current is very strong.
  • You can find plenty of money changers in Bali, but try to stick to trustable places such as bank or on a money changer with PVA sign (Authorized Money Changer sign) that can be seen by the customer. You don’t want to be cheated by unauthorized money changer
  • Leave your important document and passport (bring the copy only when you travelling) on the safety vault in your hotel.
  • You may seem many offerings in the street. This is part of Hindu tradition and it considered rude if you step on it, so try to walk around it.
  • If you want to visit a temple in Bali (temple is the place where local people pray), you must dress modestly. Use something that covers upper arms, shoulder, waist and leg. You can use sarong and temple scarf (selendang) before entering a temple or when you join any ceremony.
  • Taxi is the most comfortable way to travel around Bali. You can rent a car complete with the driver or rent a motorcycle if you want to have more freedom or using taxi if you want to go to a specific place. Blue Bird taxi is the most recommended taxi in Bali because the drivers are honest and friendly to everyone especially to foreign people.
  • Get a shoot before you come to any foreign country. Different country has different risk health so you better check on it before you make a tri. In Bali, there is risk of rabies due to huge amount of dog and monkey, so you may want to get a rabies shoot before you go to Bali. Better be safe than sorry.

Other than those tips, basically you must use common sense when you travel in Bali. Common sense is a must wherever you go. If you are looking for some information, try to find it from trusted source such as local government tourist centre and you can make the most of your vacation time in Bali.