Top Tips About Choosing The Good Silver in Bali

Bali is the best place that you should visit soon. In this beautiful island you can find so many things that you cannot get in other place. Bali is rich in the traditional food, traditional dance and also rich in traditional value. That is the reason why when we visit to Bali then we will see so many places full with flower and fruit in the basket. They are always bringing those things to the temple every day.
   29 April 2014, 01:20:55
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Bali is the place that makes the man who full with tattoos always pray at the temple twice a day. Bali is also famous with the silver and the unique accessories. Here, we will give you the great tips when you want to shop on the Bali traditional silver gallery center.

For the first tip, visit each store in the silver center in Bali to compare the price between one and other for the same or similar shape jewelry. Please pay attention for the material and the quality. If you find the cheap ring on one store and the other you find the more expensive just look at the design. Maybe the second store makes it softer and shiner. The second tip is do not be lazy or shy to ask for the best place for the silver store that has good quality and price to the local people. For the advice, you may be better asking for the question on the different place. Do not ask about it in the silver area. They may be the team from each store around it. The local people are usually known well about it and ask them to guide you to the silver jewelry maker. The price will be cheaper. The third tip is about checking whether the silver is original or not. The easiest way to check is looking for the 925 cap inside the silver jewelry. It gives you information about the composition of the silver and the additional metal. The next tip is about checking the silver to the cloth. If the cloth has the black side then the silver is original. Silver jewelry is available from the ring until the home accessories. For the big order, you can go to the owner and ask for the detail. They will cover your request and make it as your want. For the specification you are free to show them.

In Bali, you can find anything cheaper if you can browse patiently. You can get the traditional food and cloth like Joger, traditional accessories and everything is unique. Do not wait longer to come here and enjoy your favorite one. Bali will never make you sad or disappointed. Once you come there, you will miss this place again.