Cultural Activities, a New Way to Enjoy Vacation Time in Bali

Swimming on the beach, climb the mountain, enter a Hindu temple, snorkeling and shopping are the common things that most tourists will do when they come to Bali.
   01 May 2014, 06:26:24
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Cultural Activities, a New Way to Enjoy Vacation Time in Bali

But that is not the only thing that people can do in this Island of God. There are so many beautiful thing and great activities that people can enjoy only in this island and not in someplace else.

Getting involved with many cultural activities is a great way to spend vacation in Bali. There are many places that offer this kind of activities for people who want to get to know more about Bali from its cultural point of view. Here are some cultural activities that people can enjoy:

  • Batik painting lesson. Batik is a traditional heritage that people can find not only in Bali but in almost every part of this country. People can join this class and learn to make their own Batik and bring it back home along with new knowledge of making beautiful Batik
  • Balinese dance class. Balinese dance is a very popular attraction in Bali. Right now there are many places that open short courses for those who want to be able to learn the beautiful movement of Balinese dance such as Legong dance and Kecak dance
  • Balinese cooking class. Why settle to eat Bali local food? Why don’t try to make it on your own. By following this class, people can enjoy more than just the right way to prepare Bali local food but also learn more about the secret ingredient such as spices that was used on the menu.
  • Balinese wood carving lesson. Many handicrafts in Bali made from wood and people can bought this as a souvenir. But they also can try to make one on their own by joining this class.
  • Enjoy the daily activity of local people by having an accommodation in local people house. This is perfect for those who don’t want to stay in overcrowded hotel or in a secluded villa while all they want to do is to see how local people live their life everyday
  • Take the time to visit local market and not just some grocery or modern retail market. Local market is the place where local transaction happens and this is also the best place to find things that people won’t be able to find in modern store.

Bali is crowded place that full of tourist especially in holiday season. But, there is always a way to enjoy Bali more than the overcrowded tourist destination. Get in touch with its cultural life, its religious aspect and the real way of how local people live their life will surely give people a deep memorable vacation in their live.