Enjoying Bali Traditional Massage

Bali, the island of paradise offered so many great things to enjoy. For any of you who want to go to this beautiful island, surely you already have a list that contain things to do and place to visit in Bali.
   02 May 2014, 02:50:46
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What if you add one more thing on the list? Bali traditional massage is a must try while you spend your time in Bali and you won’t be sorry to add this simple activity on your list.

Simply put it this way. When you travelling in Bali, you will spend your time to walk around and do all sort of thing that will make you tired and tighten your muscle. Having a massage will do wonderfully to relieve all those tension and refresh your body and mind, readying you to go out for another venture. Balinese massage is the traditional form of massage that you can find in this island.

What you will get from Balinese massage?  Balinese massage involves different techniques, where each of those techniques has its own benefit.  The techniques that used in this traditional massage are:

  • Reflexology, which has similar technique to acupressure. Acupressure itself works the same way like acupuncture but instead of using needle, acupressure only using hands or fingers to put a pressure to certain part or certain point of body parts. The practitioner of this technique believed that by applying pressure to certain body parts, it will help to improve people health generally or addressing any problem with certain body organs.
  • Essential oil and aromatherapy. The application of essential oil is another great thing that you can enjoy from Balinese massage. There are various kinds of essential oil and aromatherapy that was used such as sandalwood, jasmine, frangipani and rose. Each scent was meant for different reason but mainly it was used to soothe people mind and help them to get relax.

Besides those techniques, Balinese massage also using common technique in massage such as kneading, stroking, sliding and flicking. The massage itself will last for more than one hour, so you may want to set specific time to get the massage.

What kind of benefit that you can enjoy from Balinese massage? The massage itself will help in promoting blood flow, relieve any muscle tension that you have after a long day, and of course help you to relax. That is not all, there are other health benefits such as helping you to get better sleep and ease any headache. So now you understand why you should put Balinese massage on your list of things to do in Bali. This is the best way to pampering yourself while in the same time get immersed in one local tradition that will get you to know Bali in a much better way.