Hiking Up Mount Batur

Bali has a large number of attractions available at one place. It is no wonder if international tourists have it as priority on their list of want-to-visit places in the world. Beaches are the most popular destinations when you go to this island of Gods.
   06 May 2014, 03:04:32
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Leave the salt water. There are still more attractive places in Bali to explore. Have you ever hiked up a mount? If you have fit health, it is going to be more challenging to hike up Mount Batur. It is located in Kintamani. Many tourists love climbing this volcanic mount because it also offers spectacular view from top, especially if you want to climb up for sunrise. Since it is going to be a rough trip, it is highly recommended to join a tour. Trekking up with a group of experienced people is safer. You won’t get lost.

Mount Batur rises to 5,633 feet. It takes around two hours to reach the top. It is still an active volcano which is recognized as Global Geopark Network by UNESCO in 2002. You will really love the views after arriving at the top. That is why Mount Batur is considered as an icon for Bali too. You can take a picture of beautiful Danau Batur, the largest Crater Lake in this island. You are able to find many tour packages offered to hike up. In each package, you will get simple breakfast, transportation, and a guided walk up. It usually starts from around 2 or 3 a.m., so make sure you prepare yourself to wake up early.  

Since it is not going to be a very smooth trip, you need tips when climbing the Mount Batur for watching sunrise. Here they are:

  • Keep in mind that the sunrise is not always seen.

    Weathers change unpredictably. You can’t blame the guide because you fail to witness the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mount and get the picture of it. However, you can still make your camera useful by shooting any stunning view you can see there.

  • Prepare yourself for the coldness.

    The winds may make you shiver and feel like about to freeze. It is essential to bring a windbreaker and toque.

  • It is dark.

    You are about to hike up a mount with no electricity planted to light on the trekking path. All you will see are stars, flashlights and things that your light shines on.

  • Wise in finish your breakfast.

    The simple breakfast offered usually consist of juice, fruit, eggs, bread, jam and tea or coffee. Though you have strong appetite, it is recommended to let the eggs uneaten before climbing back down. The eggs are boiled. They are still hot when you go up and will be much helpful to keep your hands warm.